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Author Topic: Why Scotland discovered and Invented 99% of things on earth in last 300 years  (Read 1521 times)


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When Scots were busy working hard to survive in 18th/19th century and many were inventors and travelling the world discovering things to better mankind and helping people,the english people were more interested in Art and English History and  now they wonder what went wrong, did you know that in USA  the Declaration of independence was  signed on american side by 11 names who were scottish,, many American Presidents had Scottish anscestors,, even native american tribes had scottish chiefs,, in 1700s  James Stuart a red headed highland officer and part of his Highland regiment married into the Cherokee nation, and even today the Cherokee have families with parents both dark haired and a child  fair/red  headed  they used to call them Busheyheades,another famous Scot John Ross was one of the chiefs of the eastern band of the Cherokee who represented the tribe in Washington, and another scotsman called William Mackintosh was Chief of the Cree,it seems Scotsmen are dipping their wick all over the world :) Scots are still inventing but many have had to go to other countries because the english government in Westminster would just ignore them.